An IVA can write off up to 85% of your debt

Can an IVA help me?

Consolidate & reduce debt payments

An IVA will consolidate your debts by reducing them into one affordable payment.  

Do I qualify?

Freeze interest & charges

Bogged down with credit card interest? An IVA will stop all interest and allow you to repay what you can afford without further charges

Do I qualify?

Legally write off debt

An IVA will legally write off what you can't afford to repay, giving you a fresh start.

Do I Qualify?

What is an IVA?

A smart solution using Government Legislation

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement or "IVA" is a debt solution that uses Government Legislation to write off debts you can't afford.

Once in place an IVA will protect you from all creditor action and freeze interest and charges.

You will no longer pay your creditors directly. Instead you will make one monthly payment into your IVA for 5 years.

After this, any debt that remains is legally written off giving you a fresh start


Want to know more?

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